Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Harman And Her Cronies To Criminalise More Innocent Men

Men who sleep with prostitutes face a criminal record and a fine of £1,000 unless they can prove the woman is working of her own free will.

When government ministers prosecute innocent men and damage their lives horrendously - albeit, allegedly, in an attempt to protect others - then they can have no complaints should people attempt to damage their lives for similar reasons; e.g. see Harriet Harman - Hurting So Many People

To put it bluntly: Men should have no qualms at all about hurting Ms Harman and her cronies in an attempt to protect innocent others from being hurt by them.

After all, men having to prove their innocence is not 'justice' by any stretch of the imagination, and this new law is a blatant attempt by a bunch of truly disgusting Labour women to hurt and criminalise as many men as possible .