Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Harman And Her Cronies To Criminalise More Innocent Men

Men who sleep with prostitutes face a criminal record and a fine of £1,000 unless they can prove the woman is working of her own free will.

When government ministers prosecute innocent men and damage their lives horrendously - albeit, allegedly, in an attempt to protect others - then they can have no complaints should people attempt to damage their lives for similar reasons; e.g. see Harriet Harman - Hurting So Many People

To put it bluntly: Men should have no qualms at all about hurting Ms Harman and her cronies in an attempt to protect innocent others from being hurt by them.

After all, men having to prove their innocence is not 'justice' by any stretch of the imagination, and this new law is a blatant attempt by a bunch of truly disgusting Labour women to hurt and criminalise as many men as possible .

Friday, 26 September 2008

Cameron Thinks Harman Is Mentally Challenged

David Cameron ... is fretting about a series of bizarrely personal attacks on him by Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman.

...She had described him as 'the sort of man your mother used to warn you about' and told women voters that 'if he got his wicked way with you - in the ballot box - you'd never hear from him again'.

This is Harriet Harman trying to stip up a fear and hatred of David Cameron because he is a man. Notice how Ms Harman forever seeks to separate men from women in order to garner support from the latter.

... Cameron responds: 'Harriet keeps talking about me in these rather strange and personal terms. I think she rather needs to go and get some help. I am slightly concerned. Her references to me are all about how I am trying to seduce people. You know, I think she should go and have a sit down.'

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Economic Slowdown Might Affect Women Badly

Economic Slowdown Might Affect Women Badly

Miss Harman said that tougher economic conditions are raising particular problems for mothers and older women.

Nope; no mention of concern for men - even though it is men who lie mostly at the bottom of the heap.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Harriet Harman Seeks To Criminalise Men Who Pay Prostitutes

Harriet Harman stepped up her campaign to make it illegal to pay for sex by publishing opinion research showing 58 per cent of the public would back the move if it prevented the trafficking of women and children to the UK.

Harriet Harman truly hates men, and she will do anything to disadvantage them, discriminate against them and demonise them.

The idea that men should be criminalised for consensual sex should be repugnant to most people - but, unfortunately, the public has swallowed all the lies concerning sex-trafficking. And western men nowadays are so emasculated that they seem more than happy to be punished for something that causes harm to no-one.

They seem to have been infected with Harriet Harman's view that it is absolutely fine to punish those men on the left who are doing nothing wrong in order (or so she claims) to stop the men on the right from sex-trafficking!

How can it ever be justified to punish one group of people because of what other people are doing?

Furthermore, Harriet Harman and her cronies are lying about the amount of sex-trafficking going on; e.g. see ...

Where are all the Sex Slaves?


Monday, 1 September 2008

Politicians Too Scared To Oppose Forced Marriages

Politicians are too scared to speak out against forced marriage in case they lose valuable Muslim votes, according to a veteran Labour MP.

Yes indeed. And it is for similar reasons that neither the left nor the right will speak up for men's rights and oppose the likes of Harriet Harman.

They are terrified of the hysteria that feminists like her can stir up among women.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Here is a search of blogs for the phrase 'Harriet Harman' by Google.

Notice how the post before this has 'disappeared' whereas the one previous to that sits at the top of the tree.


Also see ...



Friday, 29 August 2008

Harriet Harman's View Of Discrimination

Fiona Phillips is quitting GMTV after 12 years to spend more time with her children and her elderly father.

So, another high-flying woman givees up her career in order to do more womanly things.

Thus, the average pay for women in her company will drop.

And guess whom Harriet Harman will blame for this?

She will blame men.

Harriet Harman will stir up hatred towards men by telling women that women such as Fiona Phillips are being discriminated against by 'men' in the workplace.

Women make the choices - but Harriet Harman will ensure that men get the hatred.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Harriet Harman's View Of Elderly Women

The new report includes examples of older people being left to sit in their own excrement or denied food and water because the staff are too busy, being left naked in front of other patients, or being heavily sedated so they are easier to care for.

Yes indeed, Girls.

How do you think that you are going to be treated when you really need your government's 'help'?

And do you really think that the 'men' who work in such places are going to care - given the way that you have treated them these past many years?

I'd wake up if I was you.

Monday, 25 August 2008

This Government Cares About Money Not People Says Professor

'The most important thing for doctors and nurses used to be caring for the patient and making sure he or she gets better.

'But this government isn't interested in that any more. It's only interested in money, money, money - that is making it, saving it, and spending it, usually on themselves.'
Government Criminalising Young People

i.e. criminalising young men and boys.

The government is too quick to criminalise young people for petty offences where informal punishment could be more effective, says a report.

Harriet Harman and her Labour cronies continue doing everything that they can to damage and debilitate the lives of men.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Women Getting Away With Murder

Under Harriet Harman’s aegis, proposed major changes to the U.K.’s homicide laws are expected to pass through Parliament by early 2009. Barbara Kay

The most ominous — and most likely to fulfill Ms. Harman’s misguidedly jocular prediction of mass male flight from Britain — is the automatic reduction of a charge of murder to manslaughter for women claiming past, or fear of future, abuse from male partners.
One Year's Maternity Leave

Ministers are considering forcing firms to keep the jobs of women on maternity leave open for a year.

The law currently forces firms to hold a woman's job open for up to six months' maternity leave.

Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman is thought to be one of the senior ministers championing the plan to extend this period to 12 months.