Thursday, 4 September 2008

Harriet Harman Seeks To Criminalise Men Who Pay Prostitutes

Harriet Harman stepped up her campaign to make it illegal to pay for sex by publishing opinion research showing 58 per cent of the public would back the move if it prevented the trafficking of women and children to the UK.

Harriet Harman truly hates men, and she will do anything to disadvantage them, discriminate against them and demonise them.

The idea that men should be criminalised for consensual sex should be repugnant to most people - but, unfortunately, the public has swallowed all the lies concerning sex-trafficking. And western men nowadays are so emasculated that they seem more than happy to be punished for something that causes harm to no-one.

They seem to have been infected with Harriet Harman's view that it is absolutely fine to punish those men on the left who are doing nothing wrong in order (or so she claims) to stop the men on the right from sex-trafficking!

How can it ever be justified to punish one group of people because of what other people are doing?

Furthermore, Harriet Harman and her cronies are lying about the amount of sex-trafficking going on; e.g. see ...

Where are all the Sex Slaves?


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